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Championing low yields and grapes picked at optimum ripeness is a particular philosophy of Roberto Voerzio. How, if you do not have optimum ripeness of healthy, ripe grapes can you craft intense wines? Fermentations are with wild yeasts, extractions are very gentle using the light "pumping over" technique, elevage takes place in both french oak with a maximum of 30% new, both large casks and barriques. The Voerzios are not afraid to reject a cuvée either, if hail or a fermentation deviation prevents quality from being tip top, as with Cerequio in 2011 and La Serra in 2006. The Voerzio estate is simply one of Piedmont, and wider Italy’s finest, though increasingly challenging to come by.

Robert Voerzio Nebbiolo Disanfrancesco 2020 | Piedmont, Italy

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