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Pommery Moutarde de Meaux wholegrain mustard is presented in a stoneware jar sealed with a plastic stopper.

Pommery wholegrain mustard is widely regarded as one of the best wholegrain mustards ever created. This wholegrain mustard is well-balanced, with a rich, nutty flavour that pairs well with chicken, beef and pork. The large container is ideal for professional chefs or home cooks. This Moutarde de Meaux was nominated as the best Mustard in the World at the World-Wide Mustard Competition in 2019.


Pommery is a renowned French mustard brand, owing its legacy to the quaint town of Meaux, where it all began in the 18th century. The birthplace of Moutarde de Meaux, this small town nestled in the Île-de-France region has become synonymous with exceptional mustard production. What distinguishes Moutarde de Meaux from other wholegrain mustards is its rich, secret recipe handed down through generations. The mustard seeds are carefully ground and mixed according to traditional methods. This meticulous process imparts a unique depth of flavour that has made it a culinary treasure.


In keeping with tradition, Pommery mustard is stored in distinctive stoneware jars and the top is sealed with wax, an iconic symbol of its authenticity. These rustic containers not only preserve the mustard’s flavours for longer but also pay homage to the centuries-old craftsmanship of Meaux’s artisans.

Pommery mustard offers a wide range of condiments: from traditional wholegrain Moutarde de Meaux, fine Dijon mustard or Royale wholegrain mustard with Cognac, Pommery mustard is a staple to your kitchen. You can also enjoy Pommery vinegar in beautiful stoneware bottles.



Ingredients: Water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, spices.

Pommery Wholegrain Mustard

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