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Wine, and the Rest I: August 2023

I was inspired to start a type of Cépage diary, following a conversation I had with English winemaking legend Peter Hall of Breaky Bottom, just outside of Lewes, in Sussex. Over a fifteen/twenty minute phone call, Peter urged me to read some of his notes, ramblings and thoughts as a way to better understand his ethos and 'world', if you like.

Cépage was born out of an idea to create a personalised sommelier experience, online, ensuring that YOU (insert a Lord Kitchener *point* here), receive the best wine for your palate, or occasion. You can probably tell, but I'm not a tech geek, so I opted for a more personable, old fashioned approach. When I was working on the floor, which now feels so many moons ago, I started thinking about what my own wine business would look like, based on daily interactions with diners, some drinkers, some connoisseurs, and some guests extremely firm in their preferences. I ended up with Cépage, encouraging our wine loving clients (many of whom followed me from my time on the restaurant floor) to get in touch for personalised recommendations, and bespoke cellar services.

I am always thinking and exploring new ways of interacting with our clients on a human level, rather than simply, through the screen, ranging from hand deliveries to personal tastings and the like. So, I had a little lightbulb moment after putting the phone down to Peter. I thought a similarly personal approach to Peter's Notes might go down a treat for those who have never met me, or are just starting their journey in wine, or with Cépage.

The few paragraphs I'll write each month, or quarter, or when I feel like it are intended to serve as a meander of thoughts. I haven't quite decided what will be included, but you can certainly expect some tasting notes and truthful opinions of wines on the Cépage shop and wines I have tasted elsewhere, explanations about the wine selection you see on Cépage (plus upcoming gems that I'm after...), the ups and downs of running a business, life as a sommelier, as well as a few thoughts entirely beyond the realms of wine. Though, that's just off the top of my head, so of course, expect things to change. I am however, certainly going to avoid politics. That's never a good mix with booze.


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