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Learn your Grapes is a unique wine shop that brings you sommelier selected bottles of the best wines from around the world. Our carefully curated boxes are made with learning in mind. The wines you receive will be great expressions of particular varieties and regions, allowing you to learn styles one glass at a time.  Delivered to your door and complete with professional notes to help you learn more about the world of wine.

We believe that wine education should be fun and interactive, so we provide our customers with interesting and informative materials to help them discover and explore new varietals and regions. With CÉPAGE, it’s like having a sommelier in a box!

Our range is expanding so you can have a more personalized wine experience. You can either get our monthly subscription and let us introduce you to the wondrous variety of wines from around the world, or choose your own box to deep dive into one specific grape or region. With CÉPAGE, you can explore the world of wine like never before. 


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