A marmite style that can’t go unnoticed any longer! These are white wines made in a very similar style to rosé and red wines. There is an extended maceration process to extract colour from the grapes, but it also extracts a mouth drying sensation known as tannin commonly found in red wines. Often, they are made without filtration and are slightly hazy. However, they light up the glass and are often vibrant, electric and oh so alive. Whilst not to everybody’s taste, the style certainly showcases the versatility of certain aromatic varietals: Gewürtztraminer, Pinot Gris, Mtzvane, Chasselas and Orion, to name a few! 


It is an ancient way of making wine, dating back to Georgia and other Eastern European countries and the Friuli region in Northern Italy. Of course, it’s now extended to many wine regions keen to experiment with their grapes. For those just starting the journey of discovering wine, this is a rewarding and insightful place to start. For those accustomed to conventional styles, approach with caution, for skin contact wonders can be a shock to the system.