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Wine 2 - Trevibban Mill Cicero|Cornwall

When the founders of Trevibban Mill bought a small holding in 2007, a few miles outside of Padstow on the northern coast of Cornwall, a plan was put in place to restore the old mill there. Though, talking to a local farmer, who wanted to sell a few extra acres which backed onto their existing holding, Engin and Liz Mumcuoglu decided to take Trevibban Mill on an entirely different trajectory. They represent some of Britain’s best still wines, made by the extremely talented Salvatore Leone, who heads up winemaking at Britain’s pioneering organic estate, Oxney. Trevibban Mill isn’t only a vineyard but an orchard producing , and place for an incredible herd of sheep (the native English Southdown breed) to happily graze through the vines.  Winemaking and viticulture is done with care for the environment and great attention to detail, which shows in the precise, and clean style of the wines and ciders produced. 


Cicero (named after the not so native, but almost mascot like, cheery and friendly Chihuahua) is a red field blend, comprising of Dornfelder, Rondo, and Pinot Noir Precose (an early ripening clone of Pinot Noir). It’s unusual to see such high quality red wines of brilliant ripeness in the UK, by and large, but Trevibban Mill’s rouge range, Cisero, Black Ram and Black Ewe are succulent wines of depth, with touches of well integrated oak. 


It’s an excellent place to make a visit, with the tasting room sat above the winery, overlooking the beautiful, sunbaked vineyard. It feels like Trevibban Mill receives more sunlight than any other English winery, too. The cellar door is warm and friendly, with a host of cheese and charcuterie to eat as you sip, balls of wool made from the sheep which roam throughout the vineyard, and of course, a number of different flights available for you to get to know all of their wines. 

Trevibban Mill Cicero 2020

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