Unique skin contact wine from a prolific producer


Progressive in the sense of conscious farming and biodynamic practices. For, the winemaking philosophy is founded upon humility: 'the vigneron does not “make” the taste of his wine. He allows it to develop and favors its expression by taking care of the vines and by protecting the developing beverage from the risks that may lead to unbalance ...allowing this living material the maximum possible freedom to express the “terroir”, the soil and the vines, to dynamically and perfectly express itself’.


The rather striking label has a meaning, too. "The glyph of the two yellow “mouths” at the top, the upper representing the divine eye corresponding to the powers which are beyond us: the powers of nature, the region, the weather, all shaping the vintage, below, the human eye, the power which knows itself as being limited, which receives, acknowledges, respects and protects that which comes from the other. Below that, the three egg shapes symbolizing grapes, all different, unique, this primary material of vinification where the Burgundy vigneron selects the distinguished “millerandés”, the smallest, most concentrated berries from which the finest wines are produced. To the side, the papyrus leaf symbolizes both vegetation and the work of the scribe which records and rules human actions, which decant the movement of time".




Domaine Prieure Roch Blanc de Macération 2017 | Burgundy, France