Georgian wine is steeped in history which is rarely spoken about in Britain. We want to demonstrate the type of quality that can be found there, and celebrate ancient wine making techniques. 


Pheasant's Tears epitomise the traditional Georgian style of wine making. All their wines are fermented and aged in qvevri, a uniquely Georgian vessel dating back to 6000bc. Traditionally lined with beeswax and placed under ground to ensure a constant temperature, the wines ferment "under the coolness of the Earth".


The wines, specifically Kisi, are macerated for anywhere between three weeks and six months, allowing a large extraction and generally creating a powerfully fragrent skin contact, or, orange stle of wine. Kisi benefits from 500m altitude above sea level, which means an incredible freshness, highlighting aromatic flower, stone fruit and gentle tannin. 


Orange Wine


12.3% ABV

Pheasant's Tears 'Kisi' 2019 | Kakheti Region, Georgia