Under the radar...


Barolo is one of those 'funny' styles if you like; you can pick one up in your local supermarket for £15-£18, and conversely pay £300+ for somebody lke Conterno or Gaja. So, true to say that the style is often misinterpreted and so often misrepresented, picking a good one, for the right price point is a bit of a mission; the price certainly inflates once you buy into a region (Think Sancerre, Chablis, Rioja). 


Monchiero is a no brainer for us at Cépage, reflecting the traditional style to a tee whilst ensuring you're not paying over the odds, but ensuring the level of quality is there. The method many winemakers favour to harbour that 'Barolo style' is called Capo Sommerso, an extended extraction of the nebbiolo grape ensrues maximum intensity of tannin and flavour from the grape, which makes it so long lived. Refined whilst being robust, this Barolo is most certainly archetypal. 2016 in Piedmont and Tuscany alike saw some astonishing results!  




14% ABV

Monchiero Barolo Rocche di Castiglione Falletto 2016 | Piedmont, Italy