Wonderfully mature sweet Scheurebe 


In the past 5 years, Shäfer stopped producing wine, which is quite upsetting given the winemaking talent and how meticulously the vines are looked after to ensure maximum ageing potential. The grape is a clone crossing between Sylvaner and Riesling. Generally aromatic if a dry style, but this is an Auslese. Even better, this is an older Auslese, or 'selected harvest'. Grapes are picked later to ensure maxiumum ripeness and higher than usual levels of sugar. A beautifully honied and sweet style of wine that's a perfect alternative to Sauternes and traditional sweet wine. 


Please note: These wines have excellent provenance and have been sourced carefully. However, old wine is delicate and every bottle will be different. We unfortunatley cannot guarentee every wine will be perfect and therefore with this particular bottle, we cannot offer any returns for cork or oxidation faults.




Michael Schäfer Burg-Layer Johannisberg Scheurebe Auslese 1990 | Nahe, Germany