Fresh and Dry White Wine

One of the best value wines around from an established and well known producer, Masciarelli. Since the 1980s, after an insightful trip to Champagne, Gianni Masciarelli had convinced himself not only world class wines could be made in d'Abruzzo, but they could be made true to the land as well. 


Practicing only sustainable winemaking, reducing yields to heighten the vines strength and ultimatley increasing his wine's intensityand depth, Masciarelli has developed himself into a benchmark for the region. With this, the Trebbiano, although in France it is known as Ugni Blanc, the principle grape of Cognac, is refined, deeply mineral with a great array of fruit display. 




13% ABV

Masciarelli Gianni Trebbiano 2018 | d'Abruzzo, Marche, Italy