Two bottles delivered to you on the first of every month. 

Comparison is probably the most important learning tool in wine. We have created the Learn Your Grapes subscription so every month, you can focus on a single grape variety and learn it inside out. You'll recieve two wines specially chosen by our in-house sommelier to train your tastebuds and get to know the grapes by heart. 


Learn by drinking - this pack is designed to help you navigate any wine list. Explore the world of wine, grape by grape, region by region.  


Plus, you'll obtain easily digestible, intrinsically designed information to help you understand exactly what you're tasting, putting theory to practice! What's more, we'll make you feel like you're getting 1 to 1 sommelier tuition every month, with exclusive videos explaining the wines and grapes in depth. 


Learning can be fun, we promise!



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Learn your grapes
New grape every month
£40.00monthly/ auto-renew