Kalin Cellars are a misnomer in the wine world, not least in terms of Californian wine. Whilst many release their high end extracted cabernet's far too early, Kalin wait until these wines have developed to perfection. Believe it or not, this is the current release! 


WF Kelley, the Decanter wrtiter and journalist on all things old Burgundy commented that he mistook this for Le Montrachet. High acid, beautifully mineral with a honied character, the pruity of the fruit from the low yielding vines is what is on display here. A totally different take on Chardonnay in the region. 


Please note: These wines have excellent provenance and have been sourced carefully. However, old wine is delicate and every bottle will be different. We unfortunatley cannot guarentee every wine will be perfect and therefore with this particular bottle, we cannot offer any returns for cork or oxidation faults.


White Wine



13.5% ABV

Kalin Cellars Dutton Ranch Chardonnay 1995 | Sonoma County, California, USA