Aligoté is the perfect entry to Burgundy...


Many see Burgundy as uptight for those who love spending big money on bottles, but we can assure you, Burg can be fun and still great value. Contrary to what many try to teach, Burgundy is host to a large number of varieties other than Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This example is Aligoté, a variety which does brilliantly in cold years and benefits from old vines (of up to 40 years!). It's supple, and intensely concentrated. 


The beautiful Burgundian mouthfeel, or, 'minerality' really comes through with this one too. It can be easily enjoyed in the summer, or taken more seriously with well executed wine pairings. 


The Domaine's wines are made in a classic style, reflective of winemaking traditions of the region dating back to teh 18th centrury - only small quantities of sulphur to stabilise the wine (if needed), and many of the reds are also made using whole bunch fermentation to bring out the beautifully savoury characters of Pinot Noir and Gamay alike. 




12.5% ABV

Henri Naudin-Ferrand Bourgogne Aligoté Mallon 2018 | Burgundy, France