Fresh, Easy Drinking Full Bodied Red Wine

Much of Van Gough's work in France is set in the town where Henri Milan makes his wine, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence: from the famed Starry Night, to Café Terrace at Night to name a few. Anyway, back to the   wine.


Henri Milan belives himself to be a bit of a wine anarchist, happily removing himself from the tight French wine restrictions.  The wine's grape types are well suited to the soil, with the utmost respect for nature, rather than what the wine law allows, which presents a huge benefit to the wine's overall quality. 


The Reynard Rebels is a non vintage blend of 2017 and 2018, organically crafted with use of few sulphites. It is certainly an approachable, albeit warming and high alochol wine! Blackbarries and cherries in abundance!


Merlot, Carignan 


14.5% ABV

Henri Milan Reynard Rebels NV 17/18 | Provence, Southern France