The second most famous tower in France is a site of hallowed ground when travelling the D2 road...


There is so much to say about a bottle like this one. Nobody speaks about terroir in the same sentence as Bordeaux, do they? It's all about Burgundy when it comes to terroir. Well, Latour are aiming to change that. Not only are Latour removing themselves away from the En Primeur system of buying Bordeaux and only releasing when ready to drink, but their subtle move towards biodynamic princples in the vineyard and meticulous grape selection for their Grand Vin is nothing short of pioneering in a region so often seen as stuffy, and behind the times. 


For those who have never tried such a symbollic bottle, Latour represents the more serious, contemplative First Growth wines; more savoury in character, less silky but more robust than counter parts. Extreme intensity and opulence characterise a wine that can age for decades more. 1988 is a traditional vintage which plays to Latour's strength of vinyards with clay based soils, almost identical to those at Right Bank's Pétrus. The 1988 is a wine which commands respect, and a price tag... 


Please note: These wines have excellent provenance and have been sourced carefully. However, old wine is delicate and every bottle will be different. We unfortunatley cannot guarentee every wine will be perfect and therefore with this particular bottle, we cannot offer any returns for cork or oxidation faults. 


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot


12.5% ABV

Grand Vin Château Latour 1988 | Pauillac, Bordeaux, France