Formidable Grand Cru Burgundy destined for ageing


Excellent freshness and opulence characterised 2017 Grand Cru Burgundy, wines at the top of their game will last 20 years plus! Genot-Boulanger crafts some of the most true to place wines of the region, a domaine which was the lifelong dream of two Parisian phramasists, turned vignerons in the 1970s.


Originally the hill was 3rd century Roman outpost, but the first formal recording of vineyards on the now Grand Cru terroir was in 696 AD. However, King of the Franks Charlemagne in the 8th Century gave rise to the vineyards name, prowess and first Chardonnay vines. 




Genot-Boulanger Corton Charlemagne 2017 | Burgundy, France