A delicate introduction to skin contact white wine

With this wine, you feel the terroir shining through. Rhemhoogte boasts some of the oldest soils in the wine world, dating back some 250 million years. With a saline finish and some skin contact, the wine is a superbly interesting expression of Riesling, with some definitively traditional characteristics creeping through on the palate. 


Rhemhoogte have always been environmentally conscious, and are proud to adhere to the regulations of South Africa's Biodiversity and Wine Initiative and keen members of the Integrated Production of Wine Scheme. The estate is extremely interesting, with their wines being a mix between the experimental and the traditional. Rhemhoogte was home to one of the largerst diamonds ever found, located in their old diamond mine, functioning since 1903. It now lies in the Tower of England in the safe hands of Queen Elizabeth II. 


'For me it exudes cool climate riesling, with a stark minerality and a similar sense of place that you find in somewhere like the Mosel in Germany. It demonstrated characteristics of a viognier with obvious stone fruit but stark and contrasting high acidity. It would have been a blind tasting nightmare for me, super complex and interesting!'

Harry, co-founder



12.5% ABV

Remhoogte Free To Be Riesling 2019 | Stellenbosch, South Africa