Exceptional old vine Pinot Gris from the first producers in Oregon


Very few places are able to exude a similar sense of place, or terroir, like Burgundy is able to. In the New World wine category, this quest seems even more challenging. This Pinot Gris has an incredibly rounded and rich texture; credit to the meticulous and precise wine making at Eyrie (pronounced air-ey) in addition to the expressive old vines. The style of Eyrie is akin to many wines from Jura, where particualr attention is given to the yeasts with which the wines are fermented, to ensure purity and perfect grape expression. 


One thing we LOVE about this bottle is its label. The winemaker and owner, David Lett, upon tasting the wines, draws his tasting notes, and creates a painting to express each and every Eyrie wine, every vintage, totally individually. We think you should give it a go, too! 


Pinot Gris

Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Gris Original Vines 2015 | Oregon, USA