Full Bodied Dry Red Wine

Domaine Combier probably deserves a little more gravitas than it has ever recieved. An understated Domaine that we love at Cépage. Sitting on the foot of the Hermitage hills, adjacent to the winery of Alan Graillot (a producer firmly in the limelight) some incredible biodyanmically farmed Syrah is produced without a murmur. 


Usually incredible challenging to get a hold of such good value Rhône, especially with bottle age on it. This is partly down to a geological misnomer; whereas much of the region is firmly based on grantite soils, the land beneath Combier is on limestone; often allowing for greater ripeness, and retaining much needed nutrients and water during hot years. 2009 was one such year, needing a good amount of time in the bottle for the Syrah's of the region to soften. Expect opulence and an abundance of rich, brooding fruit. 




12.5% ABV

Domaine Combier St Joseph 2009 | Northern Rhône, France