THE Ruinart Cuvée you want to be trying


With many prestige rosé wines from Champagne, you pay a large premium compared to the white wine equivalent. However, as the Wine Advocate are quick to point out, with the Dom Ruinart Rosé, you're paying for an extended period of ageing compared to every other of Ruinart's wines. But, what does that translate to in the bottle? This bottle is as refined as it is opulent. Ruinart's characteristic richness entwines with beautiful nuttiness, smokiness with the typical bright red berry character that you would usually expect. With an acidity that will see it last a good 10 years more in its prime, this really is a top, top fizz. 


Please note: These wines have excellent provenance and have been sourced carefully. However, old wine is delicate and every bottle will be different. We unfortunatley cannot guarentee every wine will be perfect and therefore with this particular bottle, we cannot offer any returns for cork or oxidation faults. 

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


12% ABV

Dom Ruinart Rosé 1998 | Champagne, France