Deliberately oxidised, elegant and gastronomic fortified white wine


Vin Jaune is the Holy Grail of Jura, and if you haven't tried it, you simply must! Unfortunately for us wine lovers, you pay a premium because of the limited quantities produced. It's not made every year, because of the strict wine law the vignerons must adhere to. The wines must be made from 100% Savagnin and the grapes must have a natural alcohol potential of 13-15% ABV; only in the ripest years does this usually occur. They take take 12 months to age on the lees, and a further six years and three months of minimum of ageing in oak barrels, crucially not topped up with additional wine. This is where the magic happens. In this process, a layer of flor similar to sherry (locally known as voile) is formed where natural oxidation occurs, imparts into the wine. 


The wines are bottled in 62cl clavelin, as a salute to the 'angels share' that is lost from the natural oxidation over six years. The wines have an orange/yellow tinge and the oxidative style is not a fault. The wines will be honied and produce an umami, savoury texture. Served cool, they are a delight with hard, matured cheeses (comté is a local delicay!) and asian broths. 




14% ABV

De La Borde Vin Jaune 2010 | Jura, France