Aromatic, strong and powerful classic red wine


A Valpolicella how Valpolicella should be. A unique microclimate benefitting from Lake Garda warmth and the cooling influence of the River Adige means a temperate climate ensues - grapes, olives and cherrys grown side by side. The San Girogio Alto is a high altitude wine, situated on steep limestone slopes of 500m+. Freshness is the name of the game!


Monte Dall'ora's wines are atypical in the region, prefering more natural methods to harbouring the power of the grape varieties in search of balance. Whilst made in the traditional method and securing DOC status, native yeasts are utilised spontaneously with an extened period of punching down for maximum flavour extraction. No sulpher is used in the entire winemaking process either, this wine is at one with the land in which it is made. A firm favourite of ours. 


Rondinella, Corvinone, Corvina

13% ABV

Monte Dall'ora Valpolicella San Giorgio Alto 2015 | Veneto, Italy