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A rich, rounded cidre which categorises Séhédic so well, with the shining, moorish acidity and subtle saltiness coming through from the proximity to the Atlantic ocean. Notes of baked apples and pears, white flowers, chamomile tea and cinamon. The Brut pairs seemlessly with monkfish blanquette, goats and blue cheeses. 


Residual sugar - 15-25g/l 



Since the 1950s, Maison Francois Séhédic has been producing award winning, organic cidres from a small family orchard in La Forêt-Fousenant in Southern Brittany. Spread over a generous 20 south facing acres, a mere 4km from the coast in a small enclave, the apples are protected from the harsh prevailing winds of the Atlantic. Soil is schistous, which adds a mineral tinge to all the ciders produced. Over 30 varieties of apples are grown on over 9000 individual trees at Maison Séhédic, a diversity necessary for producing authentic and distinctive cidres in a range of styles. 


Now, the orchard is in the capable, loving hands of Hervé and Pamela Darondeau who have carried on Maison Séhédic’s tireless work in the orchard and the cidery, upholding the highest standards and crafting both classic and modern ciders. Everything is done by hand, from the harvesting to the washing and sorting, then a slow gentle press takes place. The process is not rushed, and fermentation occurs slowly, in the chilled cellar, allowing for a complex array of subtle aromas to find their way into the finished bottles. After a few weeks or months of fermentation (depending on the cuvée being produced), juice is transferred to a tank where natural carbonation takes place, and velvety bubbles are trapped. Cidres are filtered before bottling, but remain unpasteurised. 

Francois Séhédic Cidre Brut 75cl 5.5% ABV

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