Robust, Full Bodied and Suave Red Wine


Montus, lying between Bordeaux and Toulouse, is a gem in terms of value. The longevity and structure it possesses from the 'healthy grape' Tannat is incredible, and a must try. Not so well known in the U.K. Château Montus combines finesse and elegance in a full bodied structure. 


Alain Brumont, the winemaker and owner behind Château Bouscassé has elevated the Madiran region to international recognition with careful and precise winemaking. What was a wine region embodied in making austere, inapproachable, harsh wines has turned into an underrated gem of mid-west France, producing wines easily rivalling Bordeaux for quality.



13.5% ABV

Château Montus 2015 | Madiran, Mid-West France