A mature and intruiging white reminiscent of old Bordeaux Blanc


Resembling a still white Bordeuax, this wine is a beautiful show of the lesser known Musar wines. They don't shout about their whites and rosé, half as much as they should, nor half as much as their red wines. Cellar aged in Lebanon to perfection, this wine is ready to drink now, or, as Musar suggest, capable to age even longer - their oldest being 1954!


Château Musar are the pinaccle of cult wines across the globe. In Napa, you pay over the odds for the wines they like to call cult, but Musar ensure their older vintages are accessible to everyone! The grape Merwah shares close similarities with 


Chardonnay, Merwah


12% ABV

Chateau Musar Blanc 1997 | Bekaa Valley, Lebanon