Fun and natural New World skin contact Pinot Grigio

Channing Daughters are an exciting New York State winery. An interesting wine growing region State-side, often being overlooked due to what's happening over on the sunny West Coast. However, New York state is just as exciting in our opinion, with Channing Daughters epitomising this new surgence. A wholly sustainable winery which focusses on terroir and letting the grapes and land speak rather than wine making processes. Known in the region for using aromatic varieties like Muscat and Gewurtztraminer. 


This, their Pinot Grigio is not as we know the mass produced supermarket offerings to be, but a premium wine that demands our respect! Low yielding vines with a touch of oak and skin contact in the wine making, Channing Daughter's themselves call this wine "clean, alluring and focussed". Citrus fruit, pear and honeysuckle dominate this wine's gorgeous aroma. 


Pinot Grigio


12.5% ABV

Channing Daughters Pinot Grigio 2018 | New York State, USA