Full Bodied Dry Red Wine

A wonderful example of the beautiful, balanced power of the Southern Rhône valley. Awash with stoney pebbles named 'galets' that retain the heat in the cool nights, and the force of the Mistral winds keeping the scorching days fresh, vineyard placement is everything. Château Valcombe is situated at an altitude of 300m above sea-level, precisely to retain much needed freshness. 


Whilst the wines are naturally fuller-bodied and higher alcohol, wonderful with red meats, their fruit presence is high with a combination of red cherrys and dark, confected cassis and blackberry. Luckily, subtle, yet ever present tannin and acidity mean the wines are easily approachable in their youth and capable of cellaring for five years plus. A winter warmer if ever there was one! 


Grenache, Carignan, Syrah


14.5% ABV

Château Valcombe 'Epicure' Ventoux 2016 | Southern Rhône, France