Refined and superfluous English sparkling wine


Proud to be among the first retailers stocking a unique, European influenced English sparkling wine on the road to greatness. Busi Jacobsohn is truly a family affair, with Douglas heading up viticulture whilst Susana works on the operational side. During harvest, the whole family pitch in to ensure every grape is picked over the estate. Using traditional Champagne methods of making sparkling wine, Burgundian vine cuttings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Swedish design and Italian heart, the wines produced are simply beautiful. 


A Chardonnay led drier style, but not extra-dry, the Cuvée Brut epitomises the sustainable viticulture and precisely crafted English wine that Busi Jacobsohn produce. An elegant golden hue with crisp red apple, lemon peel and toasted almonds permeate the glass. A versatile wine for food, sunshines and long term cellaring. 


Chardonnay, Pinot Meunièr, Pinot Noir 
12% ABV

Dos: 6.1g/L

Busi Jacobsohn Cuvée Brut 2018 | Sussex, England