Aromatic and Unique Full Bodied Red Wine

The first vintage of a project in the southern depths of Spain. Bodega Vinificate, owned by two brothers who are trained in chemistry. José and Migue are from the Isla de San Fernando, they are in love with their land and the world of wine and its elaboration. Following trips to California, Chile and New Zealand, they both decided to persue winemaking and oenology.


Letting the unique land speak is the ethos with these beautiful and small quantity wines. Using native grape Tintilla de Rota 'because we are convinced that wine must be made with the grapes of the site... of good maturation, with an optimum degree of alcohol that leaves on the palate a florid and aromatic aftertaste', the wines are beautifully handcrafted and a must try. 


Tintilla de Rota

13.5% ABV

Bodega Vinificate Mahara 2011 | Cadiz, Levante, Southern Spain