Deep and inky classic red wine


Ah, Argentinian Malbec... another misunderstood New World classic. Brought over from Bordeaux (yes, Bordeaux!) during a crisis where phylloxera (an insect) devoured and destroyed the vines of many European vineyards. The Argentinian style grew slowly to fame, dying out in all but a few places in Europe.


It is such a popular style that we have spent a tremendously long time making sure we have the most characterful and typical style for you to enjoy. Bodega Miras look after their old vine Malbec with so much care and attention that everything is done by hand, and only 3000 bottles are made to ensure the quality is second to none. Spending over a year on oak, this classic has complex aromas and will outshine any Malbec you've previously tasted for the price point! 




14% ABV

Bodega Miras Malbec 2018 | Patagonia, Argentina