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Rioja n' Roll


What’s the style?
Paso Las Manas is a single vineyard wine from 100% tempranillo, so the character of the varietal is shown to its fullest, rather than masked by oak and lots of malolactic fermentation. It sits at a higher altitude and is on clay based soils. Clay is unique in its water retention properties, and aids some of the world’s best wines from Barolo in Northern Italy, to Pomerol on Bordeaux's right bank. Because of the elevation, the site is cooler, translating to a fresher, floral palate with great ageing potential. 

What’s the story?
Artuke is, in our opinion, the most exciting and progressive winery in Rioja at present. Artuke have helped establish an informal young winemakers association in the area of Rioja, helping to inspire a progressive attitude, reflecting on traditional techniques  and collectively tasting the new generation of wines. Aptly, it’s been name Rioja n’ Roll! More formally, Artuke are also co-founding members of Futuro Viñador, a forum of like minded vignerons not just restricted to the Rioja region, but reaching across Spain. Futuro Viñador (and by association, Artuke) turn their heads and nod to the quality found in Burgundy based on showing the land through what’s in the bottle, rather than winemaking techniques. We find the wines of Artuke incredibly expressive, as well as other Futuro Viñador members - particularly Domaines Lupier in Navarra and Suertes del Marqués in Tenerife.  Admittedly, Artuke realise that the bigger, more corporate producers have helped in establishing the Rioja brand, but now they believe it is time to step away from that, and move forward. 

Bodega Artuke Paso Las Mañas Rioja 2019 | Rioja, Spain

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