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I want this piece to illustrate how Cépage has come about, the real essence of the company and it's future plans. Cépage was born out of Blind Taste, the experimental, sensory wine concept created whilst the world was in hiding.

Cépage is a long way from being finished, as is Blind Taste. I believe concepts to be gradual things which take time; attempting to change the way in which people drink is a monumental task. It's a task that we have taken upon ourselves. We (Beatrice and I) have a lot of plans and ideas which we need to fulfil in order to achieve even a partial state of conscious drinking amongst our customers.

If there is one goal above all, it's to adopt on a macro level, mindfully consuming the wine you drink in the same light as consuming dairy products, wearing fashion and the like. Don't spend £12-16 for a top end supermarket wine which is still mass produced, but look to source your product from a producer whose bread on the table depends on their crop. Wine makers are fundamentally famers which, in a frost or hail driven year, may really struggle for the subsequent 12 months. Factory made wine will never have this trouble, nor will it show the same passion and character as a wine picked by the person who goes from shop to shop trying to sell their livelihood.

Blind Taste was certainly the start of the process of trying to positively influence the way in which people are consuming wine: removing preconceptions of wine by method of choosing real-life personalities which reflected the wine itself - in essence, personifying the wine. We realised this was not only highly experience driven but very niche, although it got off to a promising start. By starting a conscious bottle shop and forfeiting a) the secrecy of the wines we were selling via BT and b) the margin we were charging for the experience, we felt we could promote our message to a far wider audience.

The wines take on a broad spectrum of styles, we must cater for everybody and not specialise in terms of style, nor price point. Of course being a start up with limited infrastructure and capital, we can only work and supply within our means; therefore much of what you see for the moment is stock from Blind Taste (that's our little secret!). However, should you order a Blind Taste experience, you will be transported on a sensory journey that encompasses all the senses, rather than succumbing to the transparency and security of drinking precisely what you pick at Cépage.

Blind Taste and Cépage share the same ethos through and through; the wines found at Cépage which have not been used for Blind Taste will reflect terroir as much as the blood and effort that the vigneron has inputted into that vintage. This is something I am immensely proud of. The wines which we import exclusively are wines which have in equal parts, sweat, toil, love and grape juice. This is a passion project I hope to become a permanent vocation, having never really settled well in a company working for somebody who doesn't share my ethos for wine.

Eventually, the concepts will transport themselves beyond the virtual into real life forms. They will remain sensory but capture the essence in the flesh, should Covid-19 allow. It is a great pleasure to start this journey and indeed, share it with you.

Cépage, and indeed the blog, titled KNOW YOUR WINE is about bringing sensory and conscious pleasure to our consumers, showing you all exactly what goes into the bottle. We are forging a community of people which may not know but wish to know, which want to experience but have not yet experienced and most importantly of a people that wish to learn but have not yet started the wonderful journey of wine.

Love and peace.


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