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First and foremost, know what's in your bottle. We are all becoming more conscious consumers, so there's no reason that shouldn't extend to what you drink. Wines, soft drinks and spirits are carefully sourced directly from the people that make them.  We know the graft that has gone into producing our liquid pleasure, and so should you. 

from their family, to yours

Cépage is only able to understand the quality of its products due to the phenomenal relationship we have with our suppliers, from the account managers that sell us the bottles to the farmers who tend to the land and turn grapes into juice. As such, we deliberately choose which vignerons we work with on the quality of what they produce, their ethos and enthusiasm to share their love, knowledge and passion in the same way as ourselves. 

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Wine can certainly be a difficult topic, too quickly swamped with lots of information and 'experts' too quick to thrust their knowledge upon you and leave you overwhelmed. Cépage takes wine learning very seriously, but understands it is a gradual process. People learn at their own pace, one step at a time. Should you want a recommendation, you know where we are to chat. We can offer detailed guidance or none at all! The Know Your Wine Blog is something that everyone can become involved with; learning from various excerpts or simply writing a small piece on their own wine journey.  Ultimately, we wish to share and promote the unpretentious and rewarding side of wine. 

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