our eco mission

Natural wine

We prioritise the planet.

Our packaging is recycled, reused, and as planet friendly as possible, from the box to the tape.


Cépage will always strive to do more and has big plans to become a zero waste company, but of course, we need your help to fulfill that goal. At our live events we will be accepting customer boxes and packaging so that we can reuse them, letting them live on. 

We're happy to launch our vintage  glassware range, the most stylish and planet friendly way to enjoy you're wine. Because being planet friendly doesn't mean compromising. 

Other eco friendly launches are in the works, bare with us whilst we perfect them. 


A conscious way of living.

Cépage encourages, and advocates a more conscious way of living, taking moments of reflection and pause in an otherwise faced-paced society to rethink the way that you are living and consuming.

Know your world, know your wine

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