A phase in the 1990s which pushed back against the traditionalists of Bordeaux received high acclaim from Robert Parker, and so emerged the first cult wines of Bordeaux. Frustrated by Bordeaux’s inability to be drunk young, these Garagisters sought to add a great amount of oak from tiny plots of land in Bordeaux’s Right Bank village, Saint-Émilion, crafted in tiny wineries, hence the name Garage Wines. The real pioneer of the movement was Jean-Luc Thunevin of Château de Valandraud. Wines are ripe, extracted and gorgeously opulent. A number of wineries followed suit. The movement excites us massively at Cépage, not least because the style of wines are extremely tasting, but because we look towards wineries which go against normal convention, and have their own sense of spirit which ultimately comes across in the glass. These wines are for drinking, not collecting like the First Growths of the region.