wine for everyone

The cars we drive, the clothes we wear and the music we listen to help us forge our individuality. So too, does the wine we drink. Natural wine and skin contact wonders have kicked back against the previously austere, boring and two-dimensional wine industry. That industry of the past echoed through wine shops, supermarkets and restaurants for decades, coaxing us into needing Bordeaux En Primeur, Grand Marque Champagne and Grand Cru Burgundy. There is a place for both, and a place for everything. 


Cépage advocates drinking what you like, however you like. That is the modern way. There should no longer be any judgement about what’s in our glasses. We bring together the love of all things wine, in the most fun, energetic and passionate way. You will find everything at Cépage any wine lover could wish for. A place for wine lovers to congregate and celebrate our beloved grape juice. From £10 gems to personalised cellars where the sky is the limit, from Learn Your Grapes subscriptions to boozy wine picnics and bespoke pop-up bars. Anything is possible in the world of wine, and at Cépage. Drinking together should be fun, and we raise a glass to whatever is in yours.