In the past few years, parts of California have been decimated by wildfires, destroying homes and livelihoods, wineries and infamous Cali restaurants. More locally in the Ahr region of Germany in the summer of 2021, the loss of life due to flooding has been catastrophic. So too, has the damage to underground cellars. Climate Change is something that not only affects the grapes we can grow in specific regions (Bordeaux has now even added some indigenous Portuguese varietals!) but is starting to dramatically influence day to day living. It is no secret that the winemaking process is energy intensive from start to finish - varying methods of grape preservation and the vessels used to put the finished product in, to the transporting of our beloved grape juice from the winery to our glass. Cépage is adamant it is vital to acknowledge the best of the industry that has come to terms with the fact that taking from the Earth is not sustainable. If we are to make wine, we must make it in a way which is conscious of the process, and not consuming in excess. Generally, the wine styles shown in this category are more natural and less conventional, refraining from using chemicals in the process. The quality can be outstanding!