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First and foremost, KNOW YOUR WINE. Cépage in French means the percentage of grapes in a wine blend. It is vital you know exactly what’s in your bottle, from the grapes and soil, to the family behind its making. From one family, to yours. With people increasingly conscious about what they consume, we feel that it is paramount to know exactly what you are drinking and that it has been carefully sourced, made with attention. 


Cépage is the brainchild of a sommelier and designer, keen to express their love for their respective industries. Like the founders, Cépage is young, dynamic and fun, alleviating the preconceptions of wine which make people feel that it is snobby, replacing the conceptions with trust, enjoyment and great wine! 

Cépage is a space for you to enjoy real sommelier expertise from the comfort of your electronic device. The wine shop has been curated in the same way you might see a restaurant wine lists made, a mixture of fine and fun wine for you to delve into, be as experimental or as safe with your choices as you want to be. Oh, and don't forget, we are ALWAYS on hand to provide a recommendation or two! 

Eventually, we will occupy a physical space as well as an online space to provide the same passion for interesting and great wine from down to hearth and hearty family producers. 

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